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Natural Enrichment

Your Bird is an intelligent and inquisitive creature. They forage, chew and crack open seeds and nuts, this is their natural behavior. We supplement this curiosity with toys made out of wood, twine, plastic, you name it. But what if we could stimulate these interested little minds in a different manner? Natural Enrichment straight from Mother Earth is the answer. Palm Seeds, pods, Pandanus fruits, all these things and more can be found being scrounged upon by parrots all over the globe. You may find yourself in the wet Tropics of South America observing a Macaw Chewing on some juicy Queen Palm Seed. Meanwhile in a beautiful rainforest in Northern Australia you may also find a Black Palm cockatoo munching on a Pandanus fruit. Enrichment does not only provide hours of stimulation, it also comes with

necessary fats for the breeding season. Macaws and Amazons can be found picking palm seeds prior to breeding in order to consume necessary oils needed to make it through the season.

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