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Genders and Behaviors

I get asked very often wether one gender of bird makes a better pet than another within species. Well this is a loaded question but for short the answer is "No". Many times clients tend to gravitate to a certain gender within a species, for example a Congo African Grey. On multiple occasions there has been a conversation on wether male greys are better talkers than females, truth be told there is not much of a difference. Most reports found online are based on personal experience as there is not enough quantative data to formulate a true answer. Typically the only genus with real data is "Cacatua" better known as Cockatoos. Some species of Cockatoos are found to have higher rates of aggression in males. This is purely a pet owner error as they are rubbed on their back and stimulated they become hormonally aggressive as they are induced into breeding. To summarize every bird is an individual and behavior is purely genetic and environmental, we pride ourselves in making sure our birds come from great lineage and are extremely well socialzed at a very young age.

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