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Bird Care

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

In its simplicity birds are something like a child that never grows up. That being said there are very well behaved birds and then very badly behaved ones. This all resonates on the personality, species, environment, and believe or not diet of the parrot. There are some birds easier to care for then other and ones that require a bit more experience. The easier birds tend to be cockatiels, love birds, budgies, and smaller conures. That being said there are relatively easy amazons, cockatoos and Macaws alike. Depending on your living situation can also effect which bird suites you. For example Sun conures are known to be vocal which may disrupt neighbors if you live in a close environment such as an apartment. Then there are quieter birds such as Green cheeks which may be suitable in a apartment. As for children, every bird has the capability to bite and will do so if provoked, now a cockatiel would cause far less damage then Macaw. That does not necessarily mean that a macaw would bite more often than a cockatiel but the severity will be worse if done so. Some birds are also more tolerant than others for example, African Grey’s appreciate a quieter environment were as amazons can support more noise. For more information on which bird may suite you best, feel free to contact us.

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